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Posted by Prosper ndayi 2016-01-30

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I like itPosted by Jessica Hill 2015-01-04

It is a really enjoyable game. It's abit like the game ovenbreak accept this is with a monkey of course. And not a gingerbread man. But yeh i like it. So if anyone hasn't installed this game yet and are thinking "should i install it or should i not" Yes u should!! It is really fun it will defo keep u occupied it keeps me occupied anyway coz there are lots of missions and levels to unclock. So i highly recommend this game! Hope this was helpful? :)

StrategyPosted by Cheyenne Roberts 2017-01-11

I loved it when you install it you will love it to you go in super mode and go under light and you go over big holes the biggest ones you double tap I think it is a really good game so far

FunPosted by Lujain Ahmed 2015-11-01

Easy. Fun. Like. Love Adore.

Canvas doodle 2Posted by Ankita Bhadani 2014-12-24

It's awesome yar pls download it man... Enjoy with your heart u gonna love it.

Tooo gudddPosted by Kuljeet Jawandha 2014-12-28

I like to play game when i driving the monkey car which is most interesting

Posted by Marchez Munn 2014-12-19

Love this game, basic and works well on my Samsung SII Android. :-)

Posted by Deepak khandelwal 2014-12-29

Its wonderful game and so Adventurous and so easy to play.

Posted by Rajan Kamali Rajan KAMALI 2016-05-25

राजन रामा्े छबादर गेम

Love itPosted by 2016-09-05

Ever since I got it my baby bro started playing it a lot

Super gamePosted by maninder naik 2016-02-02

It was nice levels are alsosuper all of u enjoy the game

Posted by Anay Gour 2015-01-03

The game is so good and it work nicely on my iPhone 6+

Posted by Rimsha Irfan 2014-12-28

I like this game because it has beautiful grafics

Monkey cart rightPosted by Drishya Lal 2014-12-21

It is a good time pass like how avesh yadav said

Super se uperrrrr gamePosted by Prashant Maloo 2014-12-17

I loved it sooo much u would also play and try

Posted by Flordeliza Rebusit 2015-02-05

Good job dude nice apps with the nice feature

InterestingPosted by Dakhni Dakhni 2015-03-29

I like this game because I give five star

LOVE ITPosted by Pixie Chapman 2015-01-29

I love it because I lobe bananas xxxxxxxx

Nice gamePosted by Rashpal Gill 2014-12-28

Fantastic but needed a lotttt,,,,,.....

Fun pssPosted by Sandeep Parti 2015-04-03

Good asprito gaam mua luva thisu. Gaum

Posted by Vaibhavi Sawant 2015-01-10

love this:-*:-*:-* works on my android

Really goodPosted by archana bunty 2015-01-03

On my Micromax it runs very smoothly

Mokey cartPosted by Nadeem Khattak 2014-12-28

Vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvbad PS just joking

Love itPosted by Alexa Jacob 2014-12-23

The game is very very nice ilike it

Ooooo wwww. Ssssss. Aaaaa mmmmPosted by sudipti choubey 2014-12-25

It is a good game in my gionee. S2

Loved itPosted by Poppy Allen 2016-09-05

It is a good game install it now

Monkey kartPosted by A Google User 2015-01-04

Gustong gusto ko to kasi maganda

cool game man.Posted by Neelima Kandula 2015-01-26

this game is realy good for me.

Posted by Mihir Parekh 2015-01-09

Nice application for childrens

Posted by Avtar Aulakh 2015-01-03

It is good game to time pass

Posted by Christine Narciso 2014-12-28

I like it. Keep it up guys ;)

Posted by Khizar Shah 2015-11-24

This game is very quate game

RaViPosted by A Google User 2015-01-14

RaVi wedes aloha Z

Posted by Dhiraj Patel 2015-01-04

Good game all mobail andruid

Posted by Anurag Mathew 2015-01-10

Try it's nice and cool game

Sweet gamePosted by Gulab 8/15/1990 2014-12-20

I like this with five stars

Very good game for childrenPosted by ANITA SRIVASTAVA 2015-06-26

I lov this game very much

Posted by Mishen Ramnarain 2015-01-05

I loved it.It was amazing

Posted by Ayush Panwar 2015-01-02

I am loved this game very

Posted by Vignesh Kumar 2014-12-17

Very interesting game...

Posted by Shekhar Rai 2015-01-09

Its awesome and nice

Love itPosted by Kitira Bailey 2016-07-25

Really good I loved it

Loved itPosted by Naresh Mahajan 2015-11-23

Very ¹²³ times good

Really hardPosted by William Kinsella 2015-07-08

So hard but I love it.

Sujit jainPosted by SUJIT JAIN 2015-01-04

Very us full this game

ObetPosted by A Google User 2016-09-01

Good to play excited

I love very much this gamePosted by tripatveer Singh 2015-04-01

Worlds number 1 game

I hope its a nice gamePosted by NABANITA DAS 2015-01-16

Let see how this gme

Monkey KartPosted by A Google User 2015-01-04

Nice work

Posted by Shahzad Mohsin 2015-10-09

I love . It

NicPosted by Anshul Rana 2015-01-03

This is a nice game

Posted by Sanka Veerabrahmam 2014-12-29

Super bumper jamper

Posted by Nana Dehia 2015-10-08

Love it soooo much

Posted by Tejinder Singh 2014-12-27


Posted by Jeff Saber 2014-12-20

The best game ever

Very nicePosted by Santosh Taras 2015-01-11

You should buy it

Posted by André Marques 2014-12-28

Fun and addicting

Posted by Shubham Sood 2014-12-25

Gud game. .

Rakib rehanPosted by Rakib Rehan 2016-04-13

I love this game

Posted by rajesh gupta 2015-12-22

Interesting game

Posted by Cylis Alexandrowicz 2015-03-23

Dean is not cool

Shehryar khanPosted by Rafaqat Khan Khan 2015-01-02

Good f childrens

Posted by Nashashea Gayle 2016-05-04

So interesting

Posted by Keivious63 Harris 2016-02-16

Love it so fun

Posted by sahana kashyap 2015-09-19

Very very nice

Posted by Sonali Guchhait 2015-01-14

Good game one.

I love itPosted by Vimla choudhary 2015-01-14

Very good game

I love itPosted by Yovi Shahi 2015-01-12

Very nice game

Posted by richa gupta 2015-01-02

Love this game

Posted by 2016-09-04

I like I like

Posted by line fuamoli 2015-01-09

Open the game

Posted by Dinesh Rathod 2015-01-05

Dinesh Rathod

Posted by mohammad javad 2015-01-02


Merci de votre part de la semaine prochaine, je ne peux pas faire de nouvelles. Les autres services Posted by Dalia Dakik 2014-12-18

Fhtfgcgh v cb

I love it this game is so goodPosted by khajista khan 2016-03-14

Monkey kart

DgfhjdPosted by A Google User 2015-05-06

I very happy

ﻣﻮﺑﺎﻳﻞPosted by A Google User 2015-01-19


Posted by arvind shinde 2014-12-27

Lovely games

Posted by Antonio Cam 2016-09-01

Monkey kart

Nice gamePosted by Angel Lariba 2015-12-26

Its FUN!!!!

Posted by Princess Watts 2015-09-12

It's great.

Posted by Aneesh Muthu 2015-02-24


Posted by apu baidya 2015-01-02


Posted by A Shree Shre 2014-12-27

Very cool !

PunagPosted by Punag Gandotra Gandotra 2014-12-25

Monkey kart

Posted by soma banerjee 2014-12-21

Good game .

Posted by 2017-01-06

Monkey cart

Best monkey game everPosted by Caleb Munnessar 2015-11-01

So awesome

YoPosted by poonam singj 2015-01-04

It is nice

LovelyPosted by SENGUTTUVAN KUMBALINGAM 2015-01-02


Posted by Sumati Ayukta 2015-01-02

Looks nice

A very nice gamePosted by Gopal Gupta 2014-12-28

I loved it

Awesome!Posted by world clash 2014-12-25

I love it!

I like this game very much lovelyPosted by Sidra Khan 2014-12-24

Loveing it

greatPosted by 2016-09-05


Posted by NirajBajpai Niraj Bajpai 2016-09-02

Good game

Posted by Gerald Ortillano 2016-07-18

I love it

Lovely gamePosted by Ayesha Khan 2016-01-28

I like it

Posted by Armaan. Armaan 2015-07-16


Posted by Vernorn Ray Sr 2015-03-29

Nailed it

Sohan lalPosted by sohan lal 2015-01-12

Sohan lal

CkPosted by Chirag Allawadhi 2015-01-09

Good game

Posted by sandeep tatwal 2015-01-07

love game

Hay ree shala dog maar maar kee maar deng geePosted by Shivam Sharma 2015-01-05


KaranPosted by Narender Kumar 2015-01-04

Good game

Posted by srinu kilaparthi 2015-01-03


Excellent time passingPosted by RS SURESH Babu 2015-01-02

Good game

Posted by anjna malhotra 2014-12-27

Very Nice

Monley kart is so imagingPosted by Syaf Pieqa 2014-12-24

I loVe it

Posted by Gaurav Kumar 2014-12-24

Verry bad

Posted by Mando Salvatore 2014-12-23

Cool game

I love this gamePosted by Rhon Dominic 2014-12-18

I like it

SupabPosted by Moon Shahzad 2014-12-31

Love lve

Posted by Kami Davis 2016-08-19

Love it

Ek numPosted by Kadiwal Mohammed 2016-07-04


Five starPosted by Sar Khan 2015-09-22

Love it

Posted by Chris-Marie Alexander 2015-08-06


Posted by vinod kumar 2015-01-16


MonkeyPosted by Abel Andrew 2015-01-02

It good

Posted by Anish Puri 2014-12-26


Posted by Ravi Hirani 2014-12-21


Posted by Claudia Sunshine 2014-12-19


PBA89Posted by omar khayam Basman 2016-08-04

PBA 89

I LOVE ITPosted by Bobby Singh 2016-01-30


Posted by Saeed Malik 2016-01-16


GoodPosted by I Devi 2015-01-04


Very dutifulPosted by muhammad shoaib 2014-12-30


Posted by Anil Vadgama 2014-12-30


Posted by kula sekhar 2014-12-21

Fogh y

Posted by Vibhu Goyal 2014-12-20


Posted by md Farooq mohammed 2016-09-06


Posted by Yuninda Rosa 2015-04-02


Love dosePosted by Prasad Patil 2015-01-10


PopPosted by Tejas patel 2015-01-10


Posted by Kumar Kk 2015-01-09


Posted by Adinath Gangawar 2015-01-03


Saisachain.aPosted by Bv murthy 2015-01-01


SajidPosted by Sajid Mehmood 2014-12-29


Posted by Aman Lagah 2014-12-25


Posted by dobariya mansvi 2014-12-23

J Dee

Banri. SurvaniPosted by Banti Survansi 2014-12-21


ANAMIKPosted by Aryan Kumar 2016-09-09


Posted by Omar Asal 2016-09-03


Love itPosted by Dorothy Whitfield 2016-08-20


RememberPosted by Tyler Jewer 2016-01-17


Posted by Sherry Goedel 2015-05-14


Posted by jessa dichos 2015-04-16


Monkey kartPosted by Pinky Sagar 2015-03-11


Posted by Rudolf Matola 2015-02-06


Posted by Christian Delalamon 2015-01-12


NicePosted by Mahendar Rao 2015-01-07


SonuPosted by Sonu Pardeshi 2015-01-06


NeelPosted by A Google User 2015-01-04


GoodPosted by baldev jakhar 2015-01-02


YaPosted by kezevilie Akr 2015-01-01


Posted by Alma Bucayan 2014-12-30


NicePosted by Kalyan Singh 2014-12-29


Nice gamePosted by Abdo Ahmed 2014-12-29


dgkvgPosted by Aslam Chohan 2014-12-27


G amePosted by hardik solgama 2014-12-23


Seems goodPosted by Tanvir Hashmi 2014-12-20


Neha RameshPosted by Renju Jayalakshmi 2014-12-20


XyzPosted by jignesh patel 2014-12-20


Posted by Denise Burgan 2015-02-11


Love itPosted by Shanique Scott 2014-12-29


BuyPosted by Debra Smith 2016-07-28


best kart gamePosted by Priya Jharwal 2015-01-12


Posted by k l goswami 2014-12-24


566Posted by Mayur Joshi 2015-11-23


SdPosted by Santosh Deokar 2015-01-14


HdkPosted by Kamal Khatwani 2014-12-29


daya nandaPosted by Daya Nanda 2014-12-28


Posted by Mazzy Schell 2017-10-13

My Sister Loves Monkeys, So I Thout I'd Give It A Shot. She Loved It!!!!! Thanks For Making This Particular Game!!!

Posted by Shivam Shrma 2017-09-30

Good game

Posted by michael todd 2017-09-29

Suks duck

Posted by Yashraj Sharma 2017-09-25

Very good graphic

Posted by tim sk8r 2017-08-29


Posted by jessy jessymarleytay 2017-08-28


Posted by Sandra Jagdeo 2017-08-16

It's funny and a great game to play

Posted by 2017-07-08

Game gud And perfect

Posted by kathy thomas 2017-05-26


Posted by Vikram Parihar 2017-04-29

Kids favorite

Posted by Noreen Morzo 2017-04-25

Just love it

Posted by Casmire Sanders 2017-04-24

Love this game

Posted by Munna Khan 2017-04-13

nyx game

Posted by Kabelo Trevor 2017-04-08

It's a good game the way it playing the graphics is good gameplay is good even the controls

Posted by 2017-04-06

Shes nice game

Posted by 2017-03-17

Loved it

Posted by Quinnesha Harrison 2017-02-13

Great game

Posted by Goutam Acharya 2017-02-08


Posted by Ansahre Macapanton Macapanton 2017-02-05

Good game

Posted by Angel Harris 2017-01-25

I love

Posted by Suresh Chandra 2017-01-24


Posted by Kaylee Blankenship 2017-01-06

Monkey cart

I loved itPosted by Jenna Merritt 2017-01-03

I love this game because one the monkey is cute and this game is so much fun

Posted by 2016-12-29

Love uve uved it

AsomePosted by Abby Duran 2016-12-18

I love it

Gaming lemonPosted by 2016-12-16

Dont mind

SaraPosted by 2016-12-16


NicePosted by Haris Ahmed Khan. Khan 2016-12-11

Interest game

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Monkey Kart - the fun and addictive karting game that the whole family will enjoy! Work your way through three extreme modes. You will find five different stages with a lot of levels on each! Get hours of fun in Monkey Kart!

You have never seen anything like it - monkeys like these are hard to find! Play as our daring hero as he completes a dangerous mission to become the greatest kart racer that ever lived!

In Monkey Kart, it is your job to stay on track by jumping over huge gaps and ducking under dangerous obstacles. Do you have what it takes to complete each challenging stage?

Become a superhero by collecting the 4 special items! There are three addictive modes to play: adventure mode, challenge mode and quick mode - providing you with hours of fun!

- Collect precious bananas along the way!
- Collect special items to become a superhero!
- Avoid obstacles and make sure that you don’t lose lives!
- Complete the three modes of play!

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